When you stay at the Kinark Outdoor Centre, there are different accommodation options, each with unique features:

Lakeview Cabins

Nestled on a hill next to Grey Lake, is a cluster of 10 cabins in the Lakeview area. Each cabin can accommodate up to 10 people. The cabins are conveniently divided into two separate rooms, each with its own 2-piece washroom, to allow for groups of up to 10, or two families, to share while still maintaining privacy. All cabins are winterized.

Heartwood Hall

Located in the Lakeview cabin area, Heartwood Hall is a larger cabin containing seven separate bedrooms, two bathrooms with accessible showers, and a small lounge area.

The Pines

Renovated and upgraded in 2014, Sunlight and Birch lodge each include a bathroom, kitchenette, lounge, and six bedrooms. The Pines, as the two cabins are called, are used primarily for our Autism Summer Camp program.